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The rituals of parting fox cubs

Fox in Mother Nature, unfolds their sorrowful and yet powerful way of life

Parent-child foxes

After the mating season in February, 3 to 5 fox cubs are born from a mother fox through April to May.
The parent foxes shower the new born cubs with strong affection.

Spring is over before long, then, the dramatic rituals of parting fox cubs take place for 3 days around the end of August.
The cubs brought up and cared with a lot of love and tender by their parents are suddenly thrust off by the very same parents.

One day when these cubs are trying to go into the burrow as usual, the parent foxes attack them madly. An unexpected event is happening to the cubs. They get totally perplexed, and repeatedly implore the parents to let them in the burrow. However, the parents would never allow them to do so.
The parents drive them away from their safe and warm burrow in an unimaginably strict way.

The fox with pensive look

This is the sad and hard parting ritual for the cubs presented by their parents, though in fact affectionately.
The parents are trying to teach the cubs to explore their own new territories by themselves,thrive and survive.
I cannot think of any other rituals that is more severe, more serious, and with more love than this.


After the ritual, the fox cubs leave their parents, and live pushing themselves each to the max. However, the menace of the Nature is too ruthless for the little foxes.
Some die of hunger in the blizzard in winter, others are killed by natural enemies including dogs, still others would die caught by human beings.
It is said that only one or so out of ten of them can survive.

Such “heartrending and sincere parental love” shown in the rituals of parting fox cubs may give us some hints, who are living in the present age where the blind love is merely showered.

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